• Trainer Alphabet

    invented in 1999 by Possibility Management Trainer Clinton Callahan

  • Purposes of the Trainer Alphabet

    The Trainer Alphabet is used to deliver and land thoughtmaps in a Training space.

    The Trainer Alphabet is the fastest, shortest, clearest, most ink-efficient way to write all 26 letters of the Alphabet in capital letter.

    Trainer Alphabet, Letter A, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    Clearest way for you and the participants

    The thoughtmaps of Possibility Management are revolutionary. They are made to upgrade people's thoughtware. People will be in multiple-body liquid states while reading them, including intellectual liquid states. Their mind won't have space and attention to decipher your particular handwriting or your change of handwriting.


    When delivering Expand The Box Training, you will write up between 40 and 50 thoughtmaps in 3 to 5 days while being yourself in a liquid state. The Trainer Alphabet supports you to keep a certain coherence and groundedness while navigating new territories.


    Using the Trainer Alphabet, you will deliver the clearest thoughtmaps for the participants to read during and after the training when they bring them home.

    Trainer Alphabet, writing while speaking and navigating space, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    Fastest: Writing while navigating a Transformational space

    Being a Trainer means to navigates transformational thoughtware-upgrade processes that change what your clients think-with during trainings. This applies equally when you are holding space for an exercise, a formal initiatory process or delivering a thoughtmap.


    As a Possibility Management Trainer, when delivering a thoughtmap, you are splitting your attention at least 5 ways consciously.

    You are:

    1. holding space
    2. navigating space
    3. scanning your participants,
    4. speaking and
    5. writing all at the same time. 

    In addition, your speaking is different from your writing because you say more than you write.


    You can make it so that writing is the action that uses the least part of your attention so that you can focus on holding and navigating space which is really what the job of a Trainer is all about.

    Trainer Alphabet, look and feel of maps, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    Creates a standardize 'look and feel' for the wildly evolutionary gameworld of Possibility Management

    The Trainer Alphabet and the color-coding of the thoughtmap of Possibility Management create a standardized 'look and feel' that makes it the most powerful way for the new thoughtmaps to land in all 5 bodies of participants.


    In addition, it is one of the ways to give credit back to the source of the map: the gameworld of Possibility Management. All Possibility Management work is copyleft and we ask that when you do use the distinctions that emerge from the research of Possibility Management, you let people know that the source of the maps is the context of Possibility Management.

  • Trainer Alphabet

    for Possibility Management Thoughtmaps

    Trainer Alphabet, startover.xyz, Possibility Management
  • Color Coding

    for Possibility Management Thoughtmaps

    Trainer Alphabet, New Map of Feelings, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    for example, the New Map of Feelings

    The color BLUE is used for:


    -- the TITLE surrounded by a neat, squared-off, rectangular blue FRAME that stretches from the full width of the flipchart paper even if the title is shorter.

    -- can be used for writing the content, however with lightness as blue is the color mostly used in school.

    -- drawing the earth, the Being, the people


    The color GREEN is used for:

    -- the ASSUMPTION that the map relies on

    -- the PURPOSE of the map

    -- writing content, especially when delivering old/new thoughtware on one map

    -- drawing the Gremlin


    The color RED is used for:


    -- the main DISTINCTION of the map

    -- the BOX is drawn (and often written) in red

    -- to underline, or cross-off

    -- the Dragon for the distinction Dragon Speaking


    The color BLACK is used for:


    -- drawing structure (lines, circles, square)

    -- drawing boats, islands, mountains, ...

    -- the distinction Black Hole


    The color GOLD is used for:

    -- Welcome Map

    -- the Treasure in the Treasure Map

    -- the gold coins and the angel in the Liquid State Map


    On the Welcome Map, at the bottom it says: 'powered by Possibility Management' marked by the logo of Possibility Management which is a GREEN box mounted on the top right by a BLUE bubble (that represents the Being).
    It is an exception to the Box usually been drawn in red.
  • Experiments

    Trainer Alphabet, Beep! Book, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    Write in your Beep! Book using the Trainer Alphabet

    Experiment ALPHABET.01

    For the next 3 months, only write in your Beep! Book using the Trainer Alphabet. To change your handwriting requires that you dig new grooves in your brain.

    Trainer Alphabet, multicolour ballpoint pen, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    Color Coded Beep! Book

    Experiment ALPHABET.02

    Get yourself a multicoloured ballpoint pen like the one in the picture and for the next three months, whenever you take notes, make them look like Possibility Management Maps - blue boxes as titles, red for the main distinction, black for structures, as you can see above.

    Write Something and Speak At The same Time

    Experiment ALPHABET.03

    Once in a while, when you catch yourself explaining something to somebody - whether it is how to get to the closest bakery, your next project, what is the context of your family, landing a distinction, etc... - pick up your Beep! Book and start writing the essential element of your speaking.

      If speaking isn’t just writing out loud, then writing isn’t just transcribing speech. Discover how your writing offers another dimension to your speaking.
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